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Exciting News from Brother!

Good afternoon,
Just got back from an amazing Brother Convention in Nashville, TN. So much to tell you about - the weather was hot – and the products were even HOTTER! Would you believe there’s now a PEN TABLET that connects to the Quattro® machine – you just draw, trace or write your name on the tablet – and it digitizes it to an embroidery file! How great is that!? The tablet, and a new Color Shuffling™ feature, is included in the new Quattro2® . But if you already own a Quattro, you can buy an upgrade kit that’s just $399 – and includes the pen tablet, Color Shuffling function, and more new features. My head is spinning with ideas already! I’ve only got a limited supply of the upgrade kit to start – so be sure to call us or stop by to receive yours from the first shipment. By the way – if you haven’t seen the world’s first BUILT-IN SCANNER for the original NV6000D Quattro – ask us about Upgrade I!
And I know some of you were saying last year, "what about an InnovEye® scanner for the PR-1000?" Well, it’s here! You can get an upgrade software kit for your PR1000, if you already own one, or get one for this year’s new PR1000e. The best just keeps getting better!
Brother™ also came out with some great software to really get excited about. For those of you who wanted PhotoStitch, but didn’t want the full PE-Design® Next software – they’ve got your solution! The new PE Design Plus software is a cost-effective version that includes some of the best features of Next, without the price. It has all the same PhotoStitch features of PE-Design Next, so now you can use the very cool Flip-Pal™ scanner to scan your photos, and create embroidery from your photo albums! I have a special deal coming, too – where you can buy the PE-Design Plus, packaged with Flip-Pal and a set of flesh tone threads – for only $599!!! The software works no matter what embroidery machine you have – Brother or another brand – since you can save designs in most home embroidery machine formats.
Make sure you stop in for a look this weekend – so much more new product, and software, and upgrades to show you!
(If you just can’t wait to come in to see in person….. just go to the Brother site – and they’ve got videos on all the cool new products and features….






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